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medical supervision
for expectant mothers

Remote IoT Service

Knowing the baby’s heart rate in any situation can prevent adverse fetal outcomes, save lives. In a joint effort with Autsoft and Genium we created a service that enables expectant mothers to monitor heart rates from the comfort of their home.

healthcare service design IoT Telemedicine Cardiotocography
user interface design on smartphones and sensor of BabyCTG
  • 50+

    User tests before release
  • 1200

    in the 1st week
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    Year Intense Testing

Make Healthcare
more Patient-Centric

Service Design for a safer expectancy

Fetal heart rate monitoring was only possible in clinics making it hard to know anything about the babie's health while at home. Therefore mothers had to commute to their doctors every time they wanted to be sure. We turned that around. To make the process user centred, mothers can send their measurements with one tap and get feedback within 2 hours in any location. We provided this service on a subscription based model.

How might we create a more comfortable way for expectant mothers to check their baby's health?
pregnant woman using BabyCTG sensor and application

Designing for Context

Creating flows for numerous user scenarios

In an IoT service, endless variations of scenarios are possible. Depleted batteries, waiting for the doctor's feedback, offline situations, sensor getting out of distance, Bluetooth acting weird... We had to explore and design for every situation.


  • Information Architecture Maps
  • Wireframes

Designing a Friendly Brand

Tone of voice

Besides creating a friendly visual design we've carefully worked on every copy of our service. The combination of the two resulted in a product that has it's own personality caring for the mother and child, joyfully anticipating birth with her.

BabyCTG application user interface
Information Architecture Map

Testing Tech
and Usability

Prototyping as early as possible

Unlike many projects, BabyCTG started out with immediate testing. Only a few lines of test-ready code and a refurbished sensor was the first version. Then followed a year of constantly validating various prototypes.

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