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An easier way for managing heavy equipment sales

Mobile Sales Application

Exalt designed the mobile experience for selling and managing Caterpillar’s equipment by it’s sales representatives. With early prototyping we were able to reduce risks and development costs. The Naxt Sales App was co-created with xApt’s developer team.

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mobile sales application user interfaces
  • 40+

    Sales Rep's insights gathered across the Globe
  • 29%

    decrease in initial features by research
  • 310

    screens designed for 3 platforms

Experience Strategy

Experience Strategy

Sales representatives were doing their job: solving their daily issues in their own, not so optimized way. We had to understand how they work, what they feel, what they need. Starting with surveys an numerous user interviews we were able to map out their workflows.

We soon learned that they spend most of their time on the road and in their car. With this in mind we could design a relevant mobile experience for Sales reps all around the world from the United States to New-Zealand.


  • Interview, Survey Reports
  • User Journey Maps
  • Job Stories
Making of a customer journey map at Exalt's workshop to improve UX of the service Customer Journey Map Workshop
How might we enable sales professionals to make better on-site descisions in order to increase customer satisfaction and sell more heavy equipment?
UX designers working on Naxt Sales interface with Sketch in ExaltUX designer working on Naxt Sales App at Exalt

Creating Concepts

navigation and focus points

After validating the feature set, we started to design wireframes for each screen. We set the objective to help and motivate the sales reps in closing their deals, fast and easy.
To achieve this we designed clear indicators for them to show the progress of the sales process.


  • Information Architecture
  • Interactive Wireframes

Light Interface, Heavy Equipments

Unified look & feel on three platforms

Sales Rep's travel long ours, their mobile is the device they rely on all day. Launching and navigating the application must feel familiar and intuitive. Creating native experinces are key to this.


  • Screen Design
  • Clickable High Fidelity Prototype
mobile sales application screens
user holds smartphone and performs a usability test on Naxt Sales app prototype Usability Testing with Clickable Prototype
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